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Camoflage Chesapeake Kayak by Wilderness Systems

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Camoflage Chesapeake Kayak by Wilderness Systems
2000 (est)  12 feet  35 lbs (est)

Profile Camo Chesapeak Kayak by Wilderness systemsThis is a unique kayak by any measure.  It is a fiberglass hull done with Realtree Advantage in the cloth.  The rub rails over the mold seams are dark olive and in perfect condition.  The seat even has Advantage camo on the padded cover (slightly padded.)

The Chesapeak hull was usually rotomolded in plastic and was the basis for the current model Pungo.  But this kayak is hand-laid fiberglass.  It is much stiffer, and slices beautifully through the water.  I compare a glass boat to a sharp steak knife on a filet mignon.  It tracks exceptionally well for a 12 foot boat, and is very quick for a 12.  While the plastic boat is around 55 pounds,  this boat weighs only 35 pounds.  It is easy to load on the car or in the back of the truck.  The cockpit is oversized for ease on entry and exit.  Unfortunately, it wasn't easy enough for the 70 year old gentleman (original owner) who traded it in on a sit-on-top.  The hull has some scratches but is in surprisingly good shape. The camo tends to mask any imperfections too.

Kayak hatch cover

I have paddled the boat on multiple occasions, and one of our employees made sure it was safe for duck hunting, at which it excelled (Is that a surprise?)

Kayak Hull-Beautiful Lines, Note the chine and the keel.

Price $1200.00
Compare to Fiberglass and Kevlar boats at twice the price, and none will be camoflage.

For more information, Contact Allen Wyatt at Andy Thornal Company (863) 299-9999 Mon-Sat 10-6 eastern or 

Kayak camo seat

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